Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kate Upton ‘Cat Daddy’ Bikini Dance Extended Play Version

  Kate Upton Full Version of the 'Cat Daddy' Screencaps
Individual of our favorite videos of the year, not quite got a longer and uncut, and you ın fact fantasize look at ıt.

we persist bittersweet on this uncut Terry Richardson gets to peel wonderful burning girls nekkid ın his apartment meme, we endure zero but overly-amped and a little chagrined to endure at the point at the fortuitous to behold the long-form sculpt of the Kate Upton disreputable "cat Daddy' bikini caper from Kate Upton projectile for Terry's camera.

lest we fail or cease to remember or recall or think of the GQ photos that at last arose from their partnership, purely epic


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