Friday, August 17, 2012

Tierra Lee, The Naughty Schoolteacher from ‘Gamer Girl Diaries’, Topless for Girls Gone Wild

You know the wicked hot stripping 'Schoolteacher' from our inaugural edition of Gamer Girl Diaries? Well that's Tierra Lee and she is ridiculously good looking, both in person (an experience I shall hold dear to my loins forever more) and in her pictorials.
Tierra Lee Topless and Uncensored for Girls Gone Wild
And when many of you wrote us letters asking how we could pose Tierra Lee in her bra and panties and not show you her full melodious melons, well, we had to call upon our friends from Girls Gone Wild who have an absolutely must see EXCLUSIVE SET OF TOPLESS TIERRA LEE PHOTOS.
Seriously, you must see these. You will hurt yourself, but a must is a must.
Be sure to say hello to Tierra Lee on Twitter; you could not follow a much hotter girl.
And check out Tierra Lee in Gamer Girl Diaries if you haven't already seen.


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